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The 4G iPhone 5 will transform the UK operator landscape

By kateoflaherty, Sep 12 2012 07:58PM

Thinner, faster, lighter, the iPhone 5, as analyst CCS Insight puts it, broke all records with the "biggest ever launch despite a lack of surprises".

But perhaps the surprises will fall elsewhere. Much more interesting than the launch of a smartphone that is hardly game-changing is the 4G device's impact on the UK operator landscape.

Only yesterday, the imaginatively named EE brand launched its 4G network, much to the opposition of rival operators O2, Vodafone and Three.

According to The Telegraph, O2's customers have already received emails encouraging them to trade in their old handsets for an iPhone 5. Of course, unlike US consumers, or those on EE, they will be waiting a very long time for 4G.

For those in the UK who are looking to upgrade, choosing EE's shiny new LTE brand is a no-brainer. This depends on price of course but Everything Everywhere got itself a very good deal when it was given the green light by regulator Ofcom to roll out its super fast 4G network ahead of its rivals.

Once it was O2 that had iPhone exclusivity, which as a result gave it clear market leadership. EE is likely to take that crown because no matter how much we would like to deny it, Apple still controls the consumer landscape.

iPhone 5 features (and some great pictures at

• Taller screen - remote control style

• It's 18 per cent thinner and 20 per cent lighter at 112 grams total

• A 4-inch screen at 1136 x 640 resolution

• The A6 processor is twice as fast, Apple claims

• 4G is confirmed

• Battery not much improved. Apple says it "not only matches but exceeds 4S's battery life"

• New connector called "Lightning", which is 80 per cent smaller

• Camera is 25 per cent smaller, better features including a new low light mode

• New headphones, called "EarPods" (vomit)

• September 21 launch date

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